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About the Meadowood Neighborhood Association

MNA Membership Information

Our Mission

Benefits of MNA Membership

Positive Impact On Your Meadowood Neighborhood

The ultimate aim of MNA is to enable the Meadowood neighborhood, comprised of more than 2,200 households, to promote open communication, to identify common needs and issues, and to serve as an organization to address them, to serve as a link between the Meadowood neighborhood and needed governmental and non-governmental services, and to provide opportunities to Meadowood residents to communicate and to get involved toward the benefit of their neighborhood.


Meet your neighbors and get to know a variety of people. Meadowood is a diverse community and everyone is welcome. Our monthly newsletter, Meadowood Moments, is written by MNA members and gives valuable information about what is happening in Meadowood and Aurora.

A Voice

Have a voice in decisions about our neighborhood. Let your concerns and interests be known so we can work together to deal with them. Our Ward V Representative knows MNA and will listen to our concerns and take them to the City Council.

A Chance To Participate In Neighborhood Activities

MNA provides opportunities for neighbors to participate in activities and events that both improve the neighborhood and result in positive social interactions. For example, offer to help with the annual Dump Day, the Community Garage Sale or other events; participate in ‘meet your neighbors’ social events; or volunteer to distribute the monthly newsletter, Meadowood Moments, in one section of the neighborhood.


MNA will offer Meet & Greets, Community Garage Sale, Dump Day, Summer Picnic and other fun activities, both for adults and youth.

Be A Good Neighbor / Citizen

As stated above, MNA is an informal organization that aims to make our Meadowood neighborhood a better and friendlier place to live. As residents of Meadowood, MNA belongs to all of us. Therefore, as residents of Meadowood we are all invited to be a member of MNA and to participate with MNA to actively make Meadowood into the neighborhood we want it to be. A “great” neighborhood doesn’t just happen, it results from the conscious efforts of its residents.

Become a Member

Please consider becoming an MNA member and participating in MNA events and opportunities, to make Meadowood neighborhood all that we want it and need it to be.

Board Members

Dan Coster, President

My wife, Ann, and I moved into the Meadowood neighborhood from Atlanta, Georgia in June 2019. Ann and I have strong interests in how communities work. We met more than 40 years ago while in the Peace Corps in West Africa, where I was organizing local farmers into groups to collectively improve their livelihoods, while Ann was organizing communities to build awareness of hygiene practices to reduce child deaths from diarrhea.

From there I spent a career focused primarily on community organizing. In Egypt I worked with hundreds of community associations to enable them to identify and meet various types of community needs. In Afghanistan I worked with communities and the Ministry of Education to establish community schools in homes and mosques in order to enable girls to attend school. In Bangladesh I worked with the Agriculture Extension Service to enable them to organize poor farmers into producer groups as a way of enabling farmers to increase their profits by working together.

And so when Ann and I moved into the Meadowood neighborhood we were very interested to receive our first “Meadowood Moments” neighborhood newsletter. When I read that the Meadowood Neighborhood Association was looking for someone to serve as its interim Treasurer, I immediately saw that as an opportunity to learn about what’s happening in the neighborhood and to roll up my sleeves and get involved. For the next couple of years it will be my honor to serve as the MNA President. I encourage you, my Meadowood neighbors, to log onto the MNA website at and get involved with MNA so that we can work together to make the Meadowood neighborhood what we want it and need it to be.

Charlotte Mervin, Vice President

I was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas but when I came to Colorado in 1962, I knew I would call this beautiful State home. I moved to Meadowood in 1978 and have lived here since I have pursued a career in the hospitality industry and enjoyed planning and servicing small and large events (from 1 to 1500 people) for over 30 years. Through my role in the Catering and Sales departments, I developed strong relationships and cherished unforgettable moments with every one of my clients. And because I always appreciate meeting new people, I started attending a few of the general meetings of the Meadowood Neighborhood Association. I have enjoyed meeting original homeowners and welcomed new neighbors. I was given the opportunity to serve on the Meadowood Neighborhood board and since then I feel more connected to the place I live. I get to know my neighbors, invest my time as part of building and strengthening our community.

I am married to a wonderful man for 48 years and spend time and visiting with my 2 daughters and 4 grandchildren. My husband is retired from the cement and steel industry. In my spare time, I enjoy riding my horse, working in the yard and maintaining our Koi pond.

I’m looking forward to meeting all of you. I am taking pride of being part of Meadowood, not only because it is a beautiful neighborhood, but also because I have witnessed meaningful actions from my community to make Meadowood one of the best neighborhoods in the City.

Dottie Wire, Secretary

Both my husband and I are Colorado natives and I have lived in Aurora much of my life. I attended Aurora Public Schools from first grade all the way through high school, got a degree in history from CSU and I taught in APS schools for 3 years. We have four adult children (three biological and one unofficially adopted daughter from Senegal who we met here in Colorado) and eight grandchildren. I have also worked as an administrative assistant and receptionist at a financial services company and a couple of non-profits.

For a number of years we lived in Senegal, West Africa starting churches and doing development work. What a privilege it was to live with and learn to love people from a totally different culture. We learned so much from them about the importance of relationships and working together. We moved to Meadowood 22 years ago and still have the same immediate neighbors as when we first came to the neighborhood. We were invited by one of those neighbors to get involved in the Meadowood Neighborhood Association when it was restarted by Donna Garcia. I served as the association secretary from January 2010 through Feb 2012 and was reelected to serve starting January 2019. Meadowood is great place to call home and it is my desire to work with our community to make Meadowood even better.

Kim Wisdom, Treasurer

Since moving to Meadowood 3 years ago, I think of our neighborhood as one of the best kept secrets of Aurora! My husband, Wade and our son, Skylar moved here from Longmont. We truly enjoy living here and getting to know our neighbors. I worked with the Board in the sign beautification project in 2019 and Dump Day this year. I have delivered newsletters for 3 years.

As a landscape architect, I would love to see improvements in the aesthetics of our neighborhood and surrounding areas. Previously, I served on the Xeriscape Advisory Board in Austin, TX. I look forward to working with the Board and getting to know more neighbors!

Zohra Nacer, Media Officer

¬†I have lived in Meadowood for nearly 15 years and have enjoyed living in this neighborhood. Some parents and kids in Meadowood may still remember me from when I served as a volunteer for Boy Scouts for many years and was part of Pack 734 meeting in¬†Dartmouth Elementary before moving to Meadowood Church. I have also taken many other opportunities to serve the community within Boy Scouts with other positions and roles. I have a bachelor degree in Journalism and Communication, worked as a reporter for many years before joining the hospitality industry in the last 20 years. With my background in journalism, my love to serve people nurtured with working with customers and my passion to volunteer for Boy Scouts, I knew I will be a good fit to serve in the MNA board. Helen Keller, the American author said: “Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much” and I strongly believe that the greatness of our community is measured by the compassionate actions of all its members.

Committees & Volunteers

Volunteer Opportunities

Annual Dump Day (work for 1, 2, 3, or 4 hours)
Help Direct Traffic
Help unload trash from vehicles to dump trucks
Help unload metal to scrap metal trucks

Annual Community Garage Sale
Host a garage sale in your yard (increased traffic because several garage sales will be held in Meadowood on same day)
Help your child host a Snack Stand on the same day.
Help put up signs to advertise.

Help Deliver the Monthly Meadowood Moments Newsletter
Each month we deliver more than 2,200 newsletters using approximately 25 volunteers to each deliver their own route.
We can always use more volunteers for this activity. And it is also an opportunity to get some exercise.

Inquire about volunteer opportunities with the Meadowood Neighborhood Association