Meadowood Neighborhood Association

Dump Day

-By Zohra Nacer-

The Meadowood Neighborhood Association organized a very successful Dump Day on Saturday, June 12 from 8 am to 12 pm. The event, not only helped residents rid themselves of unwanted items at a very low cost but also cleaned up our neighborhood. During this event, about 170 vehicles came through, dropping off trash and unwanted items and filling up the three trash trucks.
Residents of Meadowood and other neighborhoods had the opportunity to throw out those larger pieces of furniture and unused things that can’t be put out with regular garbage bins. Vehicles were packed and the New Gate Church parking lot was busy from 8am to noon. In addition to the trucks, residents were able to recycle electronics (printers, phones, routers, fax machines…), and dispose of an extensive amount of scrap metal.
The Meadowood Neighborhood Association is thankful to the New Gate Church for their collaboration by hosting the event in their parking lot.
The event was not going to be as successful without all the volunteers who donated their valuable time and effort to come and help the MNA board members with unloading the packed vehicles. A big shout out goes to the wonderful Maurice (Moe) Gaye who worked very hard unloading vehicles. His time is so much appreciated and his presence made a big difference. The amazing BSA Scouts Troop 308 scouts and leaders also worked tirelessly unloading trailers and vehicles: Ismail, Jack, Kora, Kierstin, Samir, Hudson, Prudy and Charlotte, thank you for all you did for Meadowood and MNA.
“This was awesome, thanks to everyone who made this possible, especially those who volunteered their Saturday morning to unload the vehicles! So grateful!” commented Ruby A. from Mission Viejo.
The MNA Board was very sad that the event had to shut down promptly at 12:00. The contract with the group of trucks ending at noon had to be honored and we were very sorry to turn a lot of people away. The Meadowood Neighborhood Association is planning to host another Dump Day in the fall. The details will be communicated as we get them finalized.